Avoidable Travel Mistakes: Booking Flights Too Close to Each Other

In a similar vein as, say, turning up late to the airport before your trip, planning your connecting flights too close to each other is also another mistake that may be easily avoided — if you simply just plan far ahead. 

Connecting Flights Should Be Far Apart From Each Other

You should know that flight timing can be changed at a moment’s notice. 

If your prior flight gets delayed, you might be forced to rush through an unfamiliar airport to make your next flight. And you might not even make it in time if you get lost in the rush and confusion.

Instead, book your connecting flights with a safe buffer in between i.e. at least a few hours. This is to account for any possible “delay” scenarios and/or Murphy’s Law that might happen such as flight delays, long queues, long distance between terminals, etc.

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