Avoidable Travel Mistakes: Overpacking

Look… You likely will not be needing that extra piece of outfit in the case that your destination turns out to be a few degrees hotter than predicted. And your heavy coat jacket probably won’t be seeing much use unless you’re heading to Alaska.

The point is, packing for your travels does require a certain level of finesse and foresight.  

Pack Smart, Don’t Overstuff Your Baggage

Obviously, it’s tempting to pack with the mindset of covering every possible scenario, but tossing everything in sight into your baggage will make it a lot more difficult to haul it around. Plus, you may even get hit by the high luggage fees for exceeding the weight limit a lot of airports are notorious for.

Instead, pack only the essentials and things you know you’ll use, and not what you think you need. Some travel essentials (toiletries, shampoo, etc.) can be purchased after you’ve arrived at your destination. Furthermore, look into doing laundry while you’re on the road. This way, you can bring the absolute minimum number of clothing while you travel.

But speaking of luggage, do yourself a favour and invest in a decent durable one. You certainly wouldn’t want to lug around a broken piece of baggage while travelling, would you?

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