Make Ordering Your Meals A Breeze

Created in 2017 and run by five co-founders, Aliments is a technology startup and B2B platform which aims to streamline the ordering and payment processes for restaurants and cafés to remove the human element from food ordering. In other words, the only thing left for a waiter to do is bringing your food to you and clearing your table afterwards!


The Aliments platform is housed within an app that has been integrated with the POS system that most F&B outlets already have. And it works by allowing its patrons to browse through a menu on their phones, as well as to place their orders and make payments on the spot. Moreover, the app also has e-wallet integration to make the process easier and more seamless — particularly for repeat customers.

As for how the company started, Aliment’s five-man team came together after noticing a golden opportunity to insert themselves as major players in the local F&B industry. It then took them merely a month to create their MVP and bring it to market, eventually soft-launching the early stages of Aliment in November of the same year.

After receiving encouraging early signs, they managed to garner more than a thousand active users each month and have finally expanded to nearly 30 outlets within the Petaling Jaya region. Today most of Aliments’ (80%, to be exact) sales come from its order-ahead option — with the office lunch crowd making up most of this number due to the speediness afforded during short lunch breaks.  

And in terms of long-term survivability and sustainability, the company plans to increase the value of their service for businesses and users by introducing Prime — a feature which allows customers to pre-purchase menu items in bulk that will also reward them with bonuses and freebies depending on each outlet.

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