The Most Beautiful Café In The World

Is This A Palace Or The Most Beautiful Café In The World?

Sitting pristinely on the corner of a street in the downtown area of Budapest lies a century-old, enchanting building that has enamoured both tourists and locals alike.

Welcome to the New York Café — a grandiose building considered one of the most beautiful cafés in the world.

Stepping into the resplendent café, you may be inclined to think that you’ve been magically transported to the Hungarian equivalent of the Sistine Chapel. But not to worry, you’re still very much in the peaceful neighbourhood of Budapest.

Influenced by Italian Renaissance-style in particular, the New York Café’s interior makes an impressive statement via the highly embellished chandeliers hanging from the ceiling — beautifully adorned with artful frescoes and pepper with a golden patina. Along with that, the sturdy marble columns and stuccoed angels radiate elegance and opulence not unlike those that you find in a bygone era.  

It’s inevitable to think that you’ve just entered a palace instead of a coffee house. The café’s dazzling gilded interior with over-the-top ornate lamps and contemporary furnishings à la mirrored tables come together to create an elegant atmosphere ideal for an indulgent afternoon high tea session. 

Add to that, the offerings of traditional Italian cuisine and local dishes alike coupled with the sounds of chill music and short performances, and you’ve got a world-class affair on your hands.

On its busiest days, the café welcomes around 2,000 customers so it’d do you well to get there early. Indeed, the title of “most beautiful” is truly befitting of this legendary café. 

Address: 1073, Erzsébet krt. 9-11., Budapest, Hungary

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