The Natural Splendour On The Great Ocean Road

Ah, yes. This is one of the main events on your journey across Melbourne’s most scenic land-based coastal route — the Great Ocean Road.

And while its name is no longer a true representation of its current facade, the Twelve Apostles is still by far one of the most popular attractions on the Great Ocean Road.

The (Formerly) Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles were limestone stacks numbering in, well, 12 that was formed by millennia of erosion due to the surrounding ocean waves. 

The towering monoliths rose from the depths of the ocean, and in combination created a stunning silhouette along the coast of Victoria. However, the “apostles” have been reduced in numbers over the years as erosion coupled with the harsh weather has caused some to collapse.

Only about eight or so of the stone monoliths remain today. And with the others having succumbed to the wrath of Mother Nature over the years, isn’t it high time you pay a visit to this iconic detour on the Great Ocean Road? 

That, or risk losing the chance to visit the marvellous rock formations forever — it’s your choice. 

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