This is Not Your Typical Starbucks Experience

At a glance, this nondescript Machiya doesn’t actually stand out. And you’d most probably pass right by it without paying much attention. After all, its humble exterior belies its true facade, that is, until you spot a familiar mermaid logo adorning its Noren in front.

Meet Kyoto’s own one-of-a-kind Starbucks Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya.

Have A Coffee Break At Starbucks Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya

Seemingly camouflaged between the centuries-old rows of charming wooden townhouses in Ninenzaka, this Starbucks outlet is certainly unique, even when you take into account other similarly unique Starbucks outlets around the globe.

But naysayers may wonder, “what’s so special about a Starbucks?”

For one, it’s the first Starbucks housed in a more than 200-year-old traditional Japanese Machiya. Secondly, it’s also the only Starbucks which has Tatami mat floorings within its walls. Third, and most importantly, it’s obviously highly Instagrammable!

So the next time you’re in the peaceful neighbourhood of Ninenzaka, stop by, pull back the Noren curtains sporting the iconic logo, and step into an oasis of (caffeinated) tranquillity.

Grab one of the stools available and take a seat (with social distancing, of course), while you enjoy your cup of coffee and the atmosphere. Or, you could also sit and relax on a cushy and comfy silk cushion in one of the three aforementioned Tatami-floored rooms upstairs. The choice is in your hands!

Note: You are not allowed to wait outside the coffee shop as the queues will block the already narrow street of Ninenzaka. If you want to wait your turn, head inside Starbucks Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya to consult any of the staff members.

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