Useful Grocery Delivery Apps To Use In KL

Going out to replenish your groceries certainly poses an unnecessary risk in today’s unpredictable climate. If you can, you should always try to avoid going out, but sometimes it isn’t feasible to do so. 

In this case, look no further than grocery delivery apps (to use in Kuala Lumpur) that’ll make your life during quarantine that much easier.

The following apps will help you restock, replenish, and refill your food supply during these tough times.

Shojikiya’s Online Store

There’s really nothing that is the epitome of indoor living than the humble instant ramen. And you’ll probably need them in bulk during your quarantine.

In this case, Shojikiya will be your best bet in fortifying your stock of ramen for the foreseeable future. But aside from instant noodles, the online store does also have other Japanese knick-knacks and snacks available such as ready-to-eat confectioneries, cooking essentials, and even ready-made cooking ingredients.


MyGroser looks to stand out from the competition by providing its own storage facility to hold all essential grocery items that you may order via their app.  

What this entails is that there will be an abundance of items on hand and available to be delivered straight to your doorstep. No more worrying about not getting your favourite brands! 

And the best thing about MyGroser is that the prices aren’t all that much different from those that you get at your typical grocery stores. Though, a delivery fee will be incurred if you do use MyGroser.


When all else fails, Tesco will be there for all your grocery needs. If you’ve been to any Tesco, you would undoubtedly know that the international store line stocks almost everything under the sun including affordable electronic brands to their own Everyday Value products.

Also, the fact that Tesco enforces a strict SOP for all of their delivery workers makes this one of the best delivery services to use during these times.


For affordable groceries in bulk, you can’t really go wrong with Mydin.

With this homegrown brand, you’ll find plenty of localities such as Ayam Brand, Maggi, and A1 which all come together to make up a decent stock for your quarantine needs. Other non-food items that is sold at relatively cheap prices at Mydin includes basic necessities like hand soaps and body washes.

Happy Fresh

As an multi-national grocery delivery company, Happy Fresh not only caters to shoppers in Malaysia, but also other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand.

The online platform provides a wide catalogue of grocery products sourced from various stores including Cold Storage, Tesco, and Giant. Using Happy Fresh, you also won’t have to worry about getting some sub-par produce as your groceries will be picked by their specially trained Personal Shoppers.

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